Friday, May 1, 2009

Top 10: Things to Get Mom for Mother's Day

Happy May first to you all! Can you believe we're already into May 2009!? This year is flying by and we're almost up to our next nationally recognized holiday: MOTHER'S DAY which will occur in approximately 10 days (May 10...don't forget!).

So my question is: What should one get for the mother in their life when that mother is probably sufficiently satisfied with everything she already has and is sick of collecting junk?

I've come up with a "TOP 10 Things to Get Mom for Mother's Day" List, leaving space for YOUR input!:

10. a massage appointment - unless she's especially ticklish and doesn't like having her bubble invaded;
9. a tomato plant - there's nothin' like freshness in your own back yard;
8. a "declutter" coupon - offer to spend a few hours cleaning all of the junk out of her upstairs attic / kitchen / garage. She most likely planned to get around to it three years ago, so your initiative could be a great help!

7. sign her up for a class - does she like to paint? enjoy cooking? or desire to play the tuba? Sign her up!

6. _____(your input here)______

5. a bottle of wine - I recommend Satinela, Marques de Carceres 2007(medium sweet Rioja)

4. flowers or a plant - classic mother's day gift

3. a walk in the park with a picnic - how lovely, and if its a windy day, why not get a kite!
2. toes and tini's - pamper her with a pedicure and a martini!

1. a book! I recommend The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine - only $6.39 on!
If you have any other ideas, please pass them on! <3

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