Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scholarship Auctions

The Penland Scholarship auctions occur every other Thursday and as each session concludes they serve as a great way to see what each class has been working on. So far I've been to two and my they are exciting! Emotions and energy levels are high--there's so much activity you can feel the it in the air. Here are some pictures to give you a better idea of the atmosphere of the night and pieces that sold.

Nancy modeling a beautiful Peacock feather hat made in Wayne Wichern's millinery class.

"How small is small" miniature books class taught by Gabrielle Fox.

A display of the evening's items up for auction.

A painting by Tilly Hatcher with whom I worked in Development.

Decorated clay piece by Jane Peiser.

Marvelous glass piece by raising artist Justin Turcotte.

Large-scale mask from the puppetry class.

Fired clay piece.

Blown glass vase by my friend Brad.

Mixed media piece.

Shall made by a student in Vincent Martinez's fashion class.

"Eve"-a collaborative class piece made in Mark Angus' class. I bought this piece along with "Adam"!