Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something New to Try...

Ok folks. Today I am tickled pink by every little thing. I am walking into rooms and forgetting what I needed and laughing at myself. But that's not what I wanted to talk about! What I wanted to share with you are my 2 new discoveries which are: 1. marshmallows in coffee and 2. the complexity of what's under the hood of my van.

1: Marshmallows in Coffee - While babysitting this afternoon I grew quite sleepy and decided to have a mug of coffee (not a cup because coffee goes in mugs). The couple I babysit for always leave a little extra coffee in the pot before they depart on their daily routine. So, I filled up a mug and decided to be adventurous by adding one jumbo sized marshmallow rather than milk and sugar. I figured it was a great two-in-one combo and as a matter of fact...I was right! I encourage you to try it out and share your experience (below in the comments section)!

Q: "do you take cream in your coffee?"

A: "no, I prefer marshmallows, thanks for asking!"

ps: while spell checking this entry I realized that marshmallow is spelled with two a's rather than mellow as I previously thought. Pardon my spelling errors - they run in the family.

2: Under the Hood of my Van - I'm 23. I have no kids but I do have a family sized Astro van! To read the Story of the Van, see appendix A. The van is making some strange, hallow / ghostly noises these days. While switching vehicles last weekend, my mother left me with a word of caution: "if you hear the van making any strange noises be sure to take it to a Chevy dealership to get it fixed!" Thanks mom, haha. She left me with the gas guzzler and took her shiny Prius back to Winston Salem. I love making jokes about driving a van but when it comes down to it, I'm super lucky to have a vehicle to drive that I didn't have to pay for. Plus, having a van encourages me to walk or ride my bike instead of driving. Back to the point - I decided to look under the hood to find some answers. I didn't find any, mainly because I didn't know what I was looking for, but I did find a lot of really neat looking complex things. I wish that in Driver's Ed we learned more about the components under the hood rather than the consequences of drinking and driving. One way to deter drinking and driving is to educate people about their vehicle and it's parts and thus increase their level of responsibility for their car which will hopefully encourage them to make good decisions with their vehicle. Who knows! I'll probably be taking the van to the shop sometime soon and looking for alternative modes of transportation (can I get a ride by the way?) while they tell me that I have to wait for a part to come in from China. Lets hope that GMC doesn't file for bankruptcy by then!

Appendix A: Everyone is curious when they see me pull into their driveway in an unexpected over-sized gigantic van/boat. How perplexing, a little lady like me with a big vehicle like that. The Story of the Van goes like this: I was 8, turning 9. It just so happened that around the same time I was turning 9, our little Chevy car was turning dead. Eeks, how morbid! What I mean is, it was time to get a new car! We went to the Chevy dealership and all of the white vehicles on the floor were specially discounted because they were used as test-driving vehicles. My mom said to me "Heather, which one do you think we should get?" If you know me, you may have caught on to my joke making mentality. I enjoy testing people's reactions (in a nice way of course). This may stem from my fascination with the human brain and psychology. I walked right up to the only van in the room, got inside and said "hey mom! how about this one!?"
Little did she know, I was completely joking. Little did I know, she would agree.
She reasoned that since she was the leader of my girl scout troop and took kids on camping/field trips frequently and hauled girl scout cookie boxes (hundreds) from the delivery site once a year, that a van would be very useful. And so, we traded in our small and economic car for a functional and faithful van that is still with us today! The end.

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  1. OK! I think I have this figured out. I'm definately going to have the try the marshmallow/coffee combo. And I take offense that bad spelling runs in the family! Some of us are good at spelling and the rest got the math/science gene. I also hope James appreciates his "free" vehicle as much as you do! Love my Hondas! Aunt Trina