Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rules of the Sky...

In the Travel section of last Tuesday’s The Wall Street Journal, “10 Rules of the Road for Air Travel” are given. I’ve chosen my Top 5 to share with you:

5. Travel is Difficult – I think we all know that! Writer Scott McCartney recommends knowing this in advance and being prepared to be flexible and assertive.

4. Book Smartly – Build itineraries with delays in mind. You can check on-time performance of any airline at sites like or look up the history of fare prices at &

3. Enjoy Perks that Pay – By using an airline associated credit card to book hotel stays and flights, you can consolidate and earn points towards your next trip!

2. Learn Something – If you’re in a city for a short business trip, extend your time a few hours and leave your bags with the hotel concierge in order to enjoy the city you’re in. McCartney mentions how impressive is when business travelers can share what they’ve learned about a city with their city dwelling clients. This could help you build a better relationship with clients and give you something to talk about other than work!
1. Never Check Anything You Can’t Live Without – I know a few people who’ve lost valuable things between dropping their luggage off at baggage claim A and picking it up a few hours later at baggage claim B. It is certainly important to keep all valuable items with you at all times and may encourage you to leave certain things at home!

And my personal contribution: Packing Light can be easy…depending on the season of course because obviously wool sweaters take up more room in a suitcase than do bathing suits! But, if you’re traveling from city to city in a matter of days its easy to repeat outfits thanks to Laundromats!! I was in a Laundromat in Aviemore, Scotland last summer, reading a book and using up my spare change. In fact, I’m currently in a Laundromat in Raleigh, North Carolina writing this entry!

Inspired by The Wall Street Journal “10 Rules of the Road for Air Travel”, by Scott McCartney

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