Thursday, May 14, 2009

Northern Outter Banks

If you're in the Carolina area and want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing weekend at the beach, try the Duck & Corolla Beaches which are only a 4 hour drive from the State Capitol of Raleigh, and a half hour North of Nags Head in the Outter Banks!

I explored this region for the first time last weekend and had a blast! Dappled with crafty shops and sound-side restaurants run by the locals, this little haven is a perfect place for a short getaway!

FOOD: There's a lot to choose from!

$ We got our North Carolina Bar-B-Que fix at The Corolla Village Bar-B-Que shack right next to the Corolla Lighthouse. This made for a great afternoon lunch and was nestled in between a hand full of quaint shops filled with decorative finds!

$$ If you're looking for a retro-sports bar to grab some local food and watch the game, try Barefoot Bernies with their friendly staff and smoke-free atmosphere! I ordered the fish tacos and they were mmmm good!
$$$ If you prefer an up-scale environment to celebrate a special occasion, like Mother's Day, the Aqua S Restaurant is awesome! Our waitress had a great personality and so did our very special bartender and Jack of All Trades, Kevin! The next time I'm there I will be sure to check out the Aqua S Spa, above the restaurant for a massage and facial!

SHOPPING: The Corolla area is a 10 mile drive North of Duck. Be sure to stop by The Lighthouse Garden to say hi to the owner Carole, and search for decorative home and garden gifts! Tell 'er Heather sent you!

When in Rome: You'll definitely want to take in some of the local history while you're there and learn all about Blackbeard and his famous hidden booty along the shores of the Outter Banks! Also unique to this particular region are the wild Spanish Mustang Ponies that roam freely in a preserved and nationally protected beach area. These horses have inhabited the Northern Outter Banks beaches since the first settlers docked 400 years ago! To discover more of the local history and ecology, choose from among a few horse tours including Wild Horse Adventure Tours which will take you up HWY-12, an inner state made of sand!


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  1. I wish I could have gone with you -- it sounds like you had a great time and it likes idealic! Next time...
    Aunt Trina