Tuesday, October 13, 2009

La Ville Rose

(Place du Capitole near the mayor's office during a staring contest)

Why is Toulouse known as La Ville Rose? Because of the pink color of the bricks on the building facades which is quite rare for architecture in Southern France. Toulouse is about 1.5 hours from Spain so it's not surprising to hear Spanish on either side of you when taking a coffee at a café or see salsa dancing across the river in the Prairie des Filtres. Aside from being a beautiful tourist stop between Aix and Bordeaux, Toulouse is also the hub of Airbus production and fabulous Southern cuisine! Phillip and I met there last weekend and got to enjoy a few strolls here and there in between rain spells.

(Cèpes - a type of mushroom from Bordeaux, at the market)

(Le Pont Neuf near Prairie des Filtres)

(Jacobins Church & Cloister)

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