Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eh, No Updates???

I've received a few emails concerning why there have been no updates! for H&P European Road Trip Part Dos (Spain, Portugal, France) and the reason for this is because we haven't had internet! In fact, this is our 4th stop and we finally have internet with our couch surfing hosts Leila & Martin - a couple from Brazil who are currently living in Porto, Portugal. We've taken A TON of pictures and a bit of video here and there and have yet to upload it so bear with us!

Last night we stayed in Santiago de Compostella on the Northwest tip of Spain.
We stayed with a wonderful host named "Dr. Shock", also known as Jon, from Oxford, England. Jon is a brilliant man who works in particle & material science and combines string theory and quantum mechanics = holy moly! Our short stay with him was wonderful because of our amazing science lesson over a steamed veggie and seafood dinner!

On the drive to Santiago from Aviles, Spain, we stopped in Bilbao for an amazing trip to the Guggenheim. We were both blown away by the massive artistic installations on display throughout the museum along with the museum itself!

Before Aviles, we spent our first night in San Sebastian - Spain's Basque Country which harbors a culture apart from the rest of Spain, with a dialect of its own. This particular day was charged with incredible energy as it was the first day of a week long festival as well as a time of demonstrations and protests! The city was literally packed with people from noon until well into the following morning. I took a lot of video of all the craziness that occurred and I'll be posting that soon!

So much to say! In the mean time, things that might interest you to look up (aside from the supplied links above):

1. Read
(provided by Dr. Shock) - Work Hard. Be Nice. (How 2 inspired teachers created the most promising schools in the USA) by Jay Mathews

2. Download (also provided by Dr. Shock) - Ted Talk (just search for it online) Brian Cox's 1st Talk on the LHC Particle accelerator.

3. Speak
(provided by Leila & Martin) - Learn a language by visiting http://www.livemocha.com/

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