Thursday, July 2, 2009

Atlanta, Ga On a Time & Dime Budget!

30 Hours + 900 Miles + $___.00 = one successfully completed trip to Atlanta for Heather & Krissy (commentary included).

The Breakdown:

> MAP OF ATL - $4.95 plus tax

> FOOD + COFFEE - $61.01 (4 meals for 2.5 people)

> PARKING - $17.00, thanks Atlanta

> OVERNIGHT - 1 bottle of wine & some apple butter for friend's parents

> GAS - $45.27, thank you Prius


> CONSULATE VISIT - Priceless...just kidding, $70.00

> TOTAL - 198.23, HOLY COW! But we were still under our budget of $200 (ie $100 each).

As we approached the city we were amazed at the number of uniquely designed glass buildings that spread out over a huge expanse. For some reason I thought Atlanta would be smaller, or that the buildings would be more centrally condensed.

H: "We're in! Awesome! This place looks so cool!"

K: "I think you're a little too excited about this..."

After a quick drive through memorable Centennial Olympic Park we found "cheap" parking advertised at $4.00.

H: "I can afford this!"

As soon as we got out of the parked car, the parking lot attendant said "$20.00!"

K: "What the heck? That's a scam."

H: "Yeah, that's a scam if I ever heard one - the sign says $4.00, ha! We're outta here."

And so we moved on to a deck that ended up being $10. That gave us time to walk around. We headed past a park filled with naked children running through sprinklers and people laying out on blankets to enjoy the summer heat and live music.

Our first stop was the CNN building. We were impressed by this humongous building displaying flags from every nation and a faux CNN recording studio for tourist's pictures!

From the CNN building we headed through the Underground Shopping District to the golden domed State Capital Building where we snapped a few pictures.

On our way back to the parking garage through a maze of one way streets, we stopped at Smoothy King to recharge and talk to some locals. We talked to a guy working there:

H: "Are you from Atlanta?"

G: "Nope, moved here 4 months ago from Myrtle Beach."

H: "Oh yeah? How do you like it here so far?"

G: "Eh..."

H: "...gotcha"

By then it was time to drive North to find our sleeping arrangements with my college suite-mate Quinn who was a wonderful host on short notice. Our 20 minute drive from downtown to Sandy Springs brought a few impressions on the economic front of the city. There is a clear line of division between the culture we encountered in the city and the neighborhoods only 20 minutes away. If you've been, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Quinn and her family were awesomely accommodating. We went out to eat at Tacoria de Sol which Krissy describes as "designer Mexican" as the line was out the door long after we left.

The next day went smoothly and after a successful visit to the Consulate we were back on the road towards familiar grounds! Home sweet home. The END!

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  1. Loved Atlanta...we stayed right by CNN and the Olympic Park, but I didn't see any naked children. Of course, I went in October so it was probably too cold for them, but just perfect for me, the northerner. Glad your trip was successful and only $100. You should have your own program on the Travel Channel! Aunt Trina