Monday, June 15, 2009

H & P Do Europe Via Surfing (Post 1 of 3)

Unless your writers use particularly poetic diction in their emails, it is often difficult to picture where someone has been and what they have seen with just the written word! Hence, a travel blog is a wonderful way to share an experience with an audience. Plus, you're able to stay on top of things rather than hearing a watered down version of a great experience after its said and done.

If you were on my email list during my Feb - March trip through Europe, you've already read the following bits and pieces, but now they are accompanied with pictures which we all know - say a thousand words! Enjoy!

We met in VIENNA. Phillip
drove there (15 hours in the snow…that’s love folks) from Burgundy, France where he was working at a variety of vineyards for two weeks of internship experience. We stayed with our friend Kyle, who is living outside of Vienna as a Fulbright scholar, for a few days earning our keep by cooking breakfast and dinner for Kyle and his roommate Heidi.

was by far the coldest of our destinations; from there it progressively got warmer (from below freezing to about 20 above). Kyle gave us a fabulous tour of the city which included a trip to the Belvedere Museum of Art, a walk through the city center in the snow, and lots of picture taking.

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